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I have always fancied naming all my projects using unconventional names so that they could stick in users heads. I was once working on a health web application and bought the .com domain by the name anthemhealthapp. I later changed it earlier on in 2018 to

Why you would ask me. First of all, it is more memorable to remember the latter than the former which consists of a combination of two words and the shortened version of a third word.

Secondly, .com domains which are 8 letters and below are usually indexed higher by search engines. Moreover, they increase value tremendously since it is not easy to find a meaningful domain name these days with 8 letters and south.

However, this is not the full story with Bambi. I wanted to name it Bamboo but why would I want to name it Bamboo? I played with several alterations of the word and eventually landed on Bambi.

Further on, I searched for the name Bambi on google and found that there was a movie including a deer called Bambi and a song by singer Jidenna too.

On urban dictionary, Bambi has several definitions, all variations of the same concept.

definition 1

Here, Bambi is defined as someone who is gorgeous and brilliant. A true best friend someone could have.

definition 2

Here, Bambi is defined as a beautiful, intelligent, courageous, fun and very wild person. Someone who sees the best in what is around them and provides endless love and laughter

definition 3

And lastly, Bambi is defined as a sweet girl who appears shy but is really a wild forest creature on the inside.

Surely, every human could identify with at least a pair of traits used to define a “Bambi” whether beautiful and intelligent or even fun and wild. And what better way to offer users autonomy of thought than by allowing them to define and redefine themselves on Bambi!

I was ecstatic upon reading this. A name starting with a hard consonant such as “B” and with such definitions that literally described what type of users I wanted on my platform, I was sold already! I quickly rushed to purchase the domains and to use for the web application.

And folks that is the story. Thanks for reading.


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