New Info on User Profiles & Discover

2 min readApr 7, 2020


With the new user update, comes new changes too!

You can now see when a user joined Bambi to add authenticity to legitimate accounts. Moreover, the age field now shows how many years ago you were born dynamically instead of the static age field from before.

other user’s profile with the last seen and age additions

The new profile update also includes the gender of the user. If you follow the user, you can see when was the last time they were online / active on Bambi.

If a user is of the opposite gender and is single, you can see links to their Instagram and Snapchat profiles is available.

current user profile page

I also formatted the titles of posts to be visually appealing, larger and with no #F9E9C8 background as the previous versions. The titles are now easier on the eye and more eye catching than any other previous update.

That is all for now. I now intend to focus on the backend side of the application to enhance Bambi and make it even more reliable.





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