New Changes to Bambi — Privacy and much more!

I have been working on Bambi for a while now and I am glad to introduce the following new changes to the web application

New Domain

Bambi is now hosted on a new domain. I moved all our domains from Godaddy to Google Domains since they have a better and consistent pricing plan. The new domain is

Fresh UI

I changed the whole UI feel of the webapp from golden #F9E9C8 borders to a #0c0c0b matte background for all posts and headers

Matte #0c0c0b color for posts

New Features

I recently redid the whole Market Feature which allows users to sell stuff and view stuff being sold by other users.

I also introduced the last seen feature and the messaging feature in this version of the web application

Moreover, you can now view only your friends posts on Friend Posts section


Non authenticated users cannot view private users posts in the home page. You’ll have to login to view all posts. Moreover, you can neither view user profiles of other users nor message them unless you follow them.

Another option users have is setting their profiles to private and other users who don’t follow them wont be able to view their posts on their home feed.

Upcoming features

I plan to work on a native solution for comments instead of using the Disqus plugin.

Another set of features coming up may include a place to create groups i.e Subreddits for different communities

I also plan to brain storm on new ideas for the dating feature too!


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