Domain, User Likes and Padding.

We just passed our first 1000 users on Bambi according to Google Analytics. Well, technically 962 users by last month.

Google Analytics Screenshot

With this new milestone, I wanna discuss the new features on Bambi.

1. Privacy

I started exprerimenting with anonymous postings on Bambi Beta where users could post content and no one would know the author. It is still in its development and I have not deployed it to the official domain.

Moreover, a user could set their profile to private in their settings and users not logged in would not be able to see their posts.

All user profiles are private by default and one has to follow a user to view the posts on their profile

2. New Domain

The web app is now available on . The domain is hosted on Google Domains and the web app is hosted on Heroku on a Hobby Dyno.

3. Padding

I reduced the padding on posts and divs within the web application. Bambi now looks neat and compact

4. New User Profiles

Now user profiles include a nice drop down instead of the former unfollow and message buttons

5. User Likes

You can now see what peoplelike, what posts they like and who’s posts they like most often. How cool is that?

6. New Upcoming Features

I am now trying to come up with new features in the following domains:

  • Dating
  • School

I am also working to optimize the web application and clean up the code too. Expect more stuff going forward


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