Bambi Layout Changes

Bambi now looks completely different. I mean not totally unrecognizable. However I have been working on Bambi and sourcing inspiration from everywhere while changing things one bit at a time.

New Changes

  1. New and Guest Users can now view the home page and see post previews. Previously, if a user was not signed in, they were automatically redirected to the login page and after they sign in,they are then redirected to the next page they wanted to view. However, Bambi now allows guest users to view previews of posts of up to 40 words. Posts shorter than 40 words can be viewed whole but posts longer tha 40 words are cut short and the user can only read more once signed in.
  2. There have been some changed too to the general aesthetic of the web application. There are some extra nice buttons here and there and there is also a blog link that redirects to Bambi Medium Blog.
  3. Guest Users have been given the priviledge to view the explore feature too without signing in. However, they will need to sign in to post and view other users profiles and make friends on Bambi
home page
new post
Discover Friends
Home Page for Guests

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