Bambi is an ever evolving idea and its visual aesthetic is always morphing needless to say into more forms.

I started working on making Bambi responsive for mobile and it has taken a whole new look. Considering the amount of time that has gone into working on this, it is with great joy that I write to show you what I have been working on.

I will put screenshots of Bambi Mobile and Bambi Web side by side to show the stark but appealing differences in both.

Home Page

In the Web Version, the home page is in three columns with the middle one being the main section. The main menu is a drop down on the top right of the screen.

On Bambi Mobile, you have a fixed navigation at the bottom and a sidebar to access the main menu too.

Profile Page

The Bambi Web Profile Page also follows the same design paradigm as the Web Home Page. However on mobile, everything is collapsed into one column.

That is most of it for now. Moreover I am working on more exciting stuff which will be available in due time.

Happy Wednesday!

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