Bambi Dating Intro and Anonymous Posts

In this new update of Bambi, I worked more on the backend to accomodate the infrastructure for the upcoming Bambi Dating Feature. But first, I wish to discuss the anonymous posting feature I teased before on Bambi Beta

Anonymous Posting

Wished you would say something just to get it out or to see people’s honest unbiased opinion. Well now Bambi has an anonymous posting feature

No one will know it was you. The post wont even appear on your profile posts. The only way you would know it was you is cause you’ll still have the edit / delete button on your account. How cool is that! Free unopinionated expression. Love pineapples on pizza lowkey but don’t want to get teased for it. Say it on Bambi Anonymous. I know I do!

Bambi Dating

I have been thinking of how to implement the dating feature for quite some time now and I came up with the following simple implementation

single n searchin?

If you check this box, you can now see people’s Snapchat and Instagram account links on the discover page who are also single & searching and of the opposite gender

If a user of the opposite gender is not single, you will not be able to view their snapchat and instagram links.

This is a rather primitive approach to solving the issue. I would have preferred an algorithmic way of suggesting people to users based on shared interests and preferences. However, it is a minimum viable product that is functional and iterable in upcoming updates.

More Features.

I added the gender radio button in the sign up page and i’m also logging the date joined in the backend too. The age option is now a datetime field and the age of a user is calculated dynamically in the backend instead of the previous static integer input

user info card

I also implemented the Comment Infrastructure and i’m planning to move all comments on Bambi to the db instead of outsourcing on Disqus.

I will write more in regard to further updates on the official webapp


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