Bambi now has a New Feature! For a while now, this has been the display page when a user clicks the Inbox Page on Bambi

Yes! That is a construction page with a blinding and unforgetable logo and a message saying we are working on it.

We have now updated the inbox page to include a link to the Chat Demo page. It is not fully functional but shows how Bambi Inbox would look like when deloyed for mass use later on.

The Chat Demo Page inludes the trademark Black and Gold Hue that is characteristic of Bambi. It inlcudes recent chats on the left and the most recent chat open tab on the right.

Lots of User Interface Changes will go into the Chat feature to streamline it further. What you see is a post midnight hack put together in just short of 2 hours. It is needless to say that good stuff is coming so stay tuned!


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