As a final year Software Engineering Student studying abroad, It has always bothered me that North Cyprus lacks a single fully functional ecommerce platform for businesses that could handle same day delivery.

Popular ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and AliExpress deliver to the island but you would have to wait…

I have been tinkering with the idea of creating a dating app for my university for quite some time now — A lightweight platform to discover people at Near East University.

How would it work? That is the same question I asked myself perpetually for the last year. Yesterday (Sunday…

I recently implemented the birthday feature and alpha tested it.

In the event that it is a user’s birthday today, the app displays a cake emoticon next to their username and sends a notification to their followers to wish them on this day

notification on Harun’s follower accounts to wish him today!

This is the first practical instance of this feature with it being Harun’s birthday. So, Happy 20 Harun!

I spent the most of this fine friday hacking away a solution for the messaging feature on Bambi.

Now, users can see their chat history all together and reply like a conventional chat application as opposed to the previous implementation where you could only send a message at once without any context of the last message sent / received.

New Bambi Messaging Threads

Here is the video on Bambi’s Twitter Account

This has taken me quite a while to create. Thats it.


With the new user update, comes new changes too!

You can now see when a user joined Bambi to add authenticity to legitimate accounts. Moreover, the age field now shows how many years ago you were born dynamically instead of the static age field from before.

other user’s profile with the last seen and age additions

The new profile update…

In this new update of Bambi, I worked more on the backend to accomodate the infrastructure for the upcoming Bambi Dating Feature. But first, I wish to discuss the anonymous posting feature I teased before on Bambi Beta

Anonymous Posting

Wished you would say something just to get it out or to…

We just passed our first 1000 users on Bambi according to Google Analytics. Well, technically 962 users by last month.

Google Analytics Screenshot

With this new milestone, I wanna discuss the new features on Bambi.

1. Privacy

I started exprerimenting with anonymous postings on Bambi Beta where users could post content and no one would…


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